Dummy run!

Onein400 here! What has been going on in the dark and often mysterious world of onein400?

The Perils of Pamela – Brighton!

Good morning, all! Another week has passed and the great cartoonist, Sheesh Bragg, is back documenting our trip to Brighton. However, I write this post with very much mixed emotions….

Wind assisted!

Good day, all! I am having real pppproooblems writing thiiiiis post as I have been having a snnnnneeezing fit! Hopefully I willl geeeeet some more woooooooooords out sooon, atisooooooo! Splat!!

It’s the Christmas Special!!!!!!

Welcome! Straight down to business. I have a nice little Christmas poll at the bottom, to keep you reading to the bitter end! But first, it’s the final life lesson learned for 2015. Add this to the recent ones, and you won’t go far wrong in life. Number 1 – Life Lesson learned – Never…

Is MND (ALS) really a rare disease?

MND is one of a number of Neuro-degenerative diseases, and one of the most feared conditions. Neuro-degenerative diseases are on the increase, and in the UK alone our Health spend on such diseases increased by 40% in the last 3 years. This is only going one way. There is a lot of science behind this…