Get a grip!

Hi, readers! Get a grip! What do I mean, my loyal subscribers? Read on, into the mystical, yet strangely, totally believable world of onein400…..

That was the summer that was – Part 1

Wow, what a summer! Perfect weather, and time spent with great friends. Best weather since 1976, which I actually remember quite well. So what’s been happening? During my self-imposed exile from the blog over summer, the world has provided plenty of inspiration, through daily events, crazy stories, but above all from the stupidity of the…

Land of the Survivors

Readers, I write this post during a brief pause in our heatwave here in the UK. It’s coming back, don’t worry. Does this beautiful weather conceal a secret? Are we doomed? Way back in 1954, the celebrated science fiction writer, and door to door salesman, HG Bragg in his novel The Land of the Survivors painted…

Calling Dr Bragg, Come in Dr Bragg…

Dr Bragg!! Who is he? A new type of Doctor; a doctor of all, a doctor of medicine, feelings, music, life and all things important. This week, into his world we tumble and venture. Shall we jump?…..yes let’s jump NOW!! But first, take a good mouthful of Bragg’s Potion 26………….

Weapon of Choice Too!

Good day all. Here is Dr Peter Scott-Morgan’s promised guest post as part of MND Awareness Month here in the UK. A provocative article on the challenges we all might face and the pioneering research he is undertaking. His post is about choices that we could take that, as Peter himself often says, will help us…

Lights, Camera, Action!

Alfred Bragg’s pictures proudly present Window of Absence sponsored by Bragg’s Heart bypasses (3 for the price of 2!) A story of tension, human stupidities, determination, mysterious characters, suspicious events and loads of wonderful South Africans!

Newport Pagnell or bust!

I found an old copy of Pamela Bragg – How to Remain a Lady – the best-selling modern life book, published way back in 1960, and only available in the Home Counties….

Holding Pattern!

“Hello, readers! This is your pilot speaking, Captain onein400! We are just coming into land. However, we are going to have to circle for a while. About a week, ok?” In place of a regular post this week, a memories post!

The longest week of the year!!!

Welcome to the end of British Summer Time (BST). What have you done with your extra hour!!? You could have used it anywhere. We spent our free hour in a traffic jam! How cunning of us!?