Snake oil, pig urine and “buy one get one free”!

This post was first published 3 years ago now! I have checked it for political correctness (as the world has gone mad in this short time), and decided to leave it largely as is! Enjoy this digitally remastered diatribe! Well, you all know by now that my titles are never what they seem; and this…

Weapon of Choice Too!

Good day all. Here is Dr Peter Scott-Morgan’s promised guest post as part of MND Awareness Month here in the UK. A provocative article on the challenges we all might face and the pioneering research he is undertaking. His post is about choices that we could take that, as Peter himself often says, will help us…

Weapon of Choice?

A nice mysterious title for a research opinion post? Read on, my intrigued and loyal followers….

Royal Wedding – Souvenir Edition

Wow, what a busy time the week before last was! It did of course culminate with the Royal Wedding. This very very special edition of onein400 is your historical record of last week and is yours to keep for posterity! Lord Bragg’s special His and Her Whisky Cup sets with Bragg’s 90% proof Wedding Whisky…

An introduction to my weekly MND blog for newcomers

It has now been nearly 2 years since I started my blog. I am now a serious MND blogger! I have Motor Neurone Disease (MND/ALS), and I started this blog to have fun, yes fun. It is about my living with MND, but with an absolute splash of humour. I am very analytical, and of…

A brief history of the past 2 weeks

The title of this week’s Easter blog is a sort of tribute to Professor Stephen Hawking whose funeral was held yesterday. A true giant. His genius will enable new technological discoveries and facilitate taking humankind into the future. His ashes will be interned in Westminster Abbey alongside those of Sir Issac Newton, Charles Darwin and…

One thing leads to another – MND Research Opinion update – March 2018

I have just realised that I haven’t written a onein400 research opinion post for over 6 months! Apologies, readers. Let me correct this right now! This one is split into two distinct sections. First, a quick, but timely, update about the pipeline for new drugs/treatments and then a discussion about genetics and the rather indistinct…

Job done….?

Good day, all! Since my last post, jobs have been completed!

Time for an upgrade?

Good day, readers. This is my first post of 2018. Apologies for the delay. Happy New Year!! What is 2018 going to bring? Well, of course I have no real idea. So expect the unexpected!

Chain reaction – ‘MND caused by Genetics, time and “what”?’

“I’m in the middle of a chain reaction!” – the words of Diana Ross written by Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb. As part of MND awareness month I am writing a couple of special posts. This one has the rather clumsy subtitle – MND caused by genetics, time and what?” What is this what?!