The longest week of the year!!!

Welcome to the end of British Summer Time (BST). What have you done with your extra hour!!? You could have used it anywhere. We spent our free hour in a traffic jam! How cunning of us!? Advertisements

The beat goes on…a whole new world!

Oh yes it does! This week I had my first overnight hospital stay in my adult life! Yes despite having MND I have never ever spent a night in hospital. “Holy Doctors Batman, what happened, Lee?”

Friday 13th – This time it’s cordless!!

Friday 13th!! You best be frightened! Take no risks! A day of fear, and one man is on a mission to rid the world of the unbelievers! It was so scary yesterday that I didn’t post! There were other reasons, but why let these get in the way of a good story?

Whatever the world chucks at you…..

Yes, life, life, life! Everyday brings dangers. This week a mixture of stories from the past and recent goings-on! “Motor-scooting, motor-scooting” “eating up the path like a piece of lightning!”

To boldly go where no man has gone before…

The ladies’ restrooms!! No don’t be silly. However, the last couple of weeks have seen me burst (literally) on to the scene with my very own Starship, a Travelscoot! As discussed in my last post, I have this great new transport. The world, at least here in the UK, goes back to work and school…

No turning back…

Or as the great Enzo Ferrari, allegedly, once said “Cosa c’è dietro, non importa!” “Whats behind doesn’t matter!”

Is that a Lord Bragg supersize smartphone…..

….in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me! Boom boom! The old jokes are the best! But, as always there is a link to my blog theme. My cover picture shows you how scattered my mind has been this week and gives an insight into the twilight world that is ONEIN400, ha,…

The Right Stuff – Not!

It’s my second post of the week! Yes a lot of stuff for you to digest. I would grab a pizza and settle down with a nice glass of your favourite tipple and enjoy if I were you.