Mr Blue Sky!

“Sun is shinin’ in the sky There ain’t a cloud in sight It’s stopped rainin’, everybody’s in a play And don’t you know It’s a beautiful new day, hey hey”

Dummy run!

Onein400 here! What has been going on in the dark and often mysterious world of onein400?

The Perils of Pamela – Brighton!

Good morning, all! Another week has passed and the great cartoonist, Sheesh Bragg, is back documenting our trip to Brighton. However, I write this post with very much mixed emotions….

Wind assisted!

Good day, all! I am having real pppproooblems writing thiiiiis post as I have been having a snnnnneeezing fit! Hopefully I willl geeeeet some more woooooooooords out sooon, atisooooooo! Splat!!

Braggs of the Unexpected

Afternoon, all. Well after last week’s blog and my forthright comments regarding the cause of most road accidents, i.e. human error, Jean and I had an interesting experience on Saturday night! All part of the mysterious world, we call “Daily life!“. Oooooho ooooh……

Clearing the decks

Afternoon, all! As summer is a-coming, spring cleaning has been the order of the day in the onein400 household!

Under Pressure!

“What is this device?”, you ask? Well, any car enthusiast would know that it’s an old-fashioned tyre pressure meter! Old, but importantly reliable. Read on into this week’s mysterious world of onein400!

Dispute Edition!

Hi readers! Only a short post this week. Unfortunately Lord Lee Bragg has been interfering with the production and editorial content of my post and, to say the least, there are disagreements on what should and should not be written!

Travelling without moving, much…..

Hi all! Well it’s been yet another eventful week in onein400 land! First, the redoubtable Lord Bragg has adapted his helpful household automation device for me… “What Lee? What happened man?” Read on…

A little bit of Jazz!

Good day, readers! Sorry about my late post. I had gone AWOL! After a quiet week in the UK, we now have a big few days of politics ahead of us. Lord Bragg, as reported in last week’s post, is supposed to be attending the House of Lords, but he has taken some time out…